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Digital Media Experts at Popiwork Support Malaysian Entrepreneurs with Upcoming Marketing Summit

Malaysia’s digital marketing experts at Popiwork are excited to participate at the highly anticipated eBizStart 2021 Summit this week. The online event comes as Popiwork increases efforts to provide high level expertise in online marketing, web design, and development solutions to local businesses. The company offers monthly subscriptions for those seeking graphic design solutions without the headache of a costly full time graphic designer. Popiwork clients receive honest, innovative, personalized services for all their digital marketing needs.

eBizStart 2021 Summit is a government supported program offering masterclasses and workshops featuring over thirty of the industry’s best trainers and covering topics including business leadership, entrepreneurship, fundraising, social media marketing, sales, public relations, and everything in between. Attendees will leave feeling empowered and inspired to recover and rebuild after the pandemic’s devastating consequences and will become key players in a growing network of seasoned and brand new entrepreneurs across the globe.

Popiwork leader Mr. Ch’ng Ren Yuen points out the differences between how large corporate entities and small businesses handle online marketing.

“Many local digital marketing agencies don’t really know what they are doing,” says Yuen. “As a result, small businesses and entrepreneurs bear the burden of navigating Malaysia’s web design and other critical digital marketing essentials alone and without the necessary resources. We aim to relieve our clients from this burden at an affordable price with concrete results. In other words, Popiwork gives small and mid-size enterprises a taste of what big corporations are doing. I am proud to be a part of eBizStart 2021 Summit and to say that the best of Malaysia graphic design is found here at Popiwork.”

Partnered with international companies and community groups, eBizStart Summit is an annual event that strives to connect small businesses to build a strong sense of community for experienced and brand new entrepreneurs. After over a year of the virtual world becoming everyone’s new reality, events by eBizStart and services by Popiwork provide the online attention that small businesses deserve.

To learn more about Popiwork and customizable digital marketing services, go to www.popiwork.com.my. For more information on eBizStart 2021 Summit, visit www.bizstart.com.my.

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