Synergy Receives ‘SkillsFuture Employer Award’

Synergy Receives ‘SkillsFuture Employer Award,’ Challenges Status Quo in the Industry

December 11, 2021 |Mountbatten Square, Singapore |GLOBE NEWSWIRE
Adrian Peh, Chief Executive Officer of Synergy Financial Advisers, expressed gratitude for being a recipient of the prestigious award.

The widely acclaimed company, Synergy Financial Advisers, will receive the coveted SkillsFuture Employer Award for 2021. This government recognition illustrates the value that Synergy leaders place upon clients, employees, and investment in the future. The company has often been recognized for its trailblazing success due to its rising standard of financial guidance. Alongside wealth management expertise, the firm values compassion above all else, as shown by Synergy's emphasis on employee education and philanthropic endeavors.

Synergy's latest achievement is one of many. Executives are also responsible for earning the Data Protection Trustmark Certification, the SQC STAR with People and Innovation, and many more worthy recognitions. Since its beginning, Synergy has continuously upped the stakes of what it means to embody financial success. The company's dedicated team of advisers share a common culture while appreciating diversity, allowing for custom solutions for all types of businesses.

Chief Executive Officer, Adrian Peh, expressed gratitude for earning the prestigious award.

"The SkillsFuture Employer Award endorses our culture of continuous learning. We are truly humbled by this recognition," says Peh. "Synergy is proud to have a lifelong learning culture."

The leaders of Synergy Financial Advisers continue to innovate, educate, and strengthen wealth management every day with tools like OneSynergy, an in-house Continual Professional Development (CPD) training application, and Synergy PLUS, a support program revolving around credible external training institutes. These resources and more lead to a customer experience like no other – one that steers to financial freedom like they never imagined.

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About Synergy Financial Advisers

Founded in 2014, Synergy Financial Advisers PTE. LTD has quickly become a reputable resource for wealth management, insurance and investment advice, and general financial planning. The Singapore based company has won many prestigious awards, proving its team of advisers to be a dedicated, unique, and much needed addition to the industry. Synergy provides outstanding products, reliable services, philanthropic contributions to the community, and unforgettable innovations. Committed to professionalism, education, and compassion, leaders at Synergy Financial Advisers believe anyone can achieve true financial freedom.


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