Digital Marketing

Reaching Customers Directly

Our goal is to convert website visitors into customers. We begin by thoroughly analyzing your business, market, and competitors. In this manner, we can determine the best channels and strategies to use to reach targeted customers promptly so they may purchase your product.

Popiwork Malaysia - Digital Marketing - Google Ads-Sem

Google Ads-Sem

Use Google ads to reach out to the prospective customers of your product or services in an effective, precise, and cost-effective manner. Therefore, SEO is not only an incredibly specialised skill but also one that is critical to the success of any digital marketing process. It provides a competitive advantage to your brand. Furthermore, you can receive specialised advice and information from people who are well versed in SEO and have development, design, writing, and strategic resources at their disposal.

Popiwork Malaysia - Digital Marketing - SEO


Our technical and practical expertise enables us to offer search solutions that go beyond attribution, customisation, bringing audiences, and simple keyword selection. To create personalised ads that deliver the intended results, we combine customer data, business data, and performance data with data from other sources. Automation, scripts, and feeds have enabled us to create in-house solutions to meet your needs. We bring our detailed, focused, and data-driven strategy to your Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads campaigns.

Popiwork Malaysia - Digital Marketing - Local SEO

Local SEO

To attract customers, you must make it easy for them to find you. Thus, it is important to focus your efforts on bringing your goods and services to those near you rather than focusing on those who reside far from you. With Google MyBusiness optimization, your online presence can be enhanced, thereby improving your search engine ranking.

Popiwork Malaysia - Digital Marketing - Conversions Optimization

Conversions Optimization

By attracting more visitors to your website, you need to work hard to generate traffic. We can help you identify and create conversions that are appropriate for your website. Additionally, we provide web optimization and digital marketing services so that you can take full advantage of those conversions. Our job is to identify the weaknesses of your site, remove obstacles, and allow your website to generate conversions so that you can maximise its potential.

Popiwork Malaysia - Digital Marketing - Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

A crucial role is played by social media in marketing and advertising. Social media marketing is one of our digital marketing services. It is for this reason that you will need the guidance of a professional to gain the benefits associated with social media marketing.

Popiwork Malaysia - Digital Marketing - Email Marketing

Email Marketing

As a result of the multiple campaigns, we have created over the years and our lessons learned, our email marketing strategy will greatly benefit your business. New ads will be created, prospects will be nurtured, and customers engaged. Additionally, we offer strategic consulting services that will help you reach your target audience as well as create engaging and relevant small campaigns.

Popiwork Malaysia - Digital Marketing - Designing and Developing Banners

Designing and Developing Banners

A successful online marketing campaign requires skilful design, effective management of the campaign, and a well-developed advertising strategy. Our online strategists and designers create banner ads that attract attention and help you reach out to potential clients. The company's commitment is to provide a complete solution, including HTM5 banners and statistics images, as well as dynamic data and videos.

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