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Google AdWords - Definition

You can attract new traffic quickly and easily with Google ads. Originally referred to as Google AdWords, Google Ads is an advertising system operated by Google, and it ensures your ads run together with search results under the name Sponsored Listings. It also ensures that your ad runs on the content network of Google that has related websites.

Popiwork Malaysia – Google Ads Management - Invest in the results

Invest in the results

Since Google Ads are PPC or pay per click, you are only responsible for paying for the visitors who access your website. To save money and bid on the correct keywords, you must hire an expert in AdWords to manage the Google Ads account. Our specialists will ensure that your adverts are displayed only to people who are most likely to purchase your products or services. Our team conducts rigorous keyword research to ensure that all your ads appear on searches that have buying signals and keywords that will enhance your long-term sales. As a result, more traffic will be generated and converted into sales, reducing wasted clicks and saving you money. Our services also include improving the quality score of your advertisements. If your ads are relevant, with a high-quality score, then the cost per click will be lower. We will manage your Google Ads account to do all the necessary work that will generate more leads to your website while converting the traffic into sales at a reduced cost.

Popiwork Malaysia – Google Ads Management - Quality Score for Google AdWords

Quality Score for Google AdWords

It is possible to spend 50% less on keywords with high-quality scores than the price of Google's benchmark. However, you can spend over 400% on keywords of inferior quality compared to prices quoted by Google. Our goal is to ensure that your keywords have a very high-quality score by making them relevant and providing a great user experience.

Popiwork Malaysia - Google Ads Management - Network Display Ads and Search Engine Results

Network Display Ads and Search Engine Results

We create an ad campaign that runs on search engine outcomes on Google and the display network that comprises several popular websites. We also can create remarketing campaigns that will show ads to people who visit your website to create an awareness of the existence of your goods or services.

Popiwork Malaysia - Google Ads Management - Negative Keywords

Negative Keywords

It is our goal to ensure that your ads target individuals who are interested in your goods or services. By ensuring your ads contain only relevant key phrases, you will achieve this. If, for example, you bid for placing Google ads Management as your business is internet marketing, your account will be set up so that the ad runs Google AdWords Management and not Google Ads Management software, since searchers looking for that term are likely to be in search of software that allows them to adjust bids.

Popiwork Malaysia – Google Ads Management - Google AdWords Management Packages

Google AdWords Management Packages

To build that management package, which is in line with your specifications, our expert team can assist you.

Among the examples are: AdWords Management Package (at least $1000 a month for AdWords expenditure) if you run a business.

This consists of:

  • Keyword research
  • Creating keywords bids
  • Optimization of Landing Page
  • Account monitoring
  • Creating your account
  • Setting a sufficient budget

A quality score increase costs $000 for setup and $000 per month thereafter. You will save a considerable amount of money while advertising with no wastes as a consequence of overbidding for keywords or using irrelevant keywords.

Packages tailored to your needs

If you are interested in a Google AdWords management package that is tailored to your needs, please contact us. We would love the opportunity to improve your business presence.

For more information, please contact us.

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